Get thinking about science on Greenville property. An educational haven, acres upon acres of learning space are available for kids of all ages to stretch their minds at the Roper Mountain Science Center. The grounds are simply brimming with activity and beg to be explored.

A nature trail leads the way into outdoor adventure. Winding on for about a mile, the path wanders through hardwood and pine. Aquatic discoveries are made when lingering by the pond where an abundant array of life flourishes in the water. Nearby the butterfly garden offers moments of quiet and solitude. Beautiful in all seasons, this tranquil space was lovingly designed in support of the very important insect. This Greenville property contains plants that are desirable to both butterflies and bees, and is recognized as a certified National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat. Outside spaces are open to one and all during operating hours.

Learning Explodes on Greenville Real Estate

Inside the building the magic of science swirls about. The internal workings of the Roper Mountain Science Center creates a love for learning in school children from the Greenville real estate area. Hundreds come through the doors each day eager to learn. Sciences taught include geology, astronomy, ecology, marine science, life science and environmental studies.

Public educational programs at the Roper Mountain Science Center create awesome experiences for everyone. Second Saturday events rotate by theme and include STEM workshops, space days and butterfly seminars. The Blueberry and Fall Harvest Festival are favorite events enjoyed by local families. Starry Nights take place in the T.C. Hooper Planetarium where the sky’s the limit. Guests learn all about the solar system and beyond. Stargazers can also check out the night sky with a 23 inch refractor telescope in the Daniel Observatory with staff astronomers. Kids keep those thinking caps on during Summertime Planetarium shows. Holiday laser shows combine today’s technology with heartwarming, classic Christmas songs. Scout programs and homeschool events are also regularly in full swing.

Tickets to the Roper Science Center can be purchased online or in person. Memberships are great opportunities for those with science buffs in the family. Spend some time gazing at the stars or take a nature walk today.